Won a prize of ₹ 16,000 crores and a Jackpot, this person became richer than Shah Rukh Khan and Tom Cruise | Jagran Business- Watch Video

Publish Date: 13 Mar, 2023 |

In the game of luck lottery ie jackpot, a resident of America won entire 2 billion dollars (16 thousand crore rupees). This amount is more than the lifetime earnings of Shah Rukh Khan and Tom Cruise. Now the question arises that after winning the world's biggest lottery, what would be the first thing this person would do?

Who is Edwin Castro? | Edwin Castro Lottery Winner

As surprising as this victory of American resident Edwin Castro is, his dreams are equally flabbergasting. The first thing Edwin did after winning the lottery for $2.04 billion bought a house. Now, this is everyone's dream, but what is special about Castro's wish is that he has bought a luxurious bungalow in the neighbourhood of Hollywood celebrities.

After winning the lottery, Castro went straight to the Hollywood Hills, where all the Hollywood celebrities live. Castro found a mansion here for himself with 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, which costs $ 25.5 million (about Rs 206 crore). For the common man, buying this mansion is beyond thinking, but billionaire Castro acquired this mansion by spending only 1.5 percent of his total money.

Castro Lives Amongst the Richest Hollywood Celebrities 

Ariana Grande, Dakota Johnson, and Jimmy Kimmel live in the neighbourhood where Edwin Castro has bought his mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Castro's mansion has facilities such as a pool, wine cellar, movie theatre, game room, gym, sauna and steam shower. This jackpot was won in October 2022 and the purchase of the mansion was revealed on March 1, 2023.


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