World Chocolate Day 2022: Types of Chocolates, Benefits, Countries that Make Best Chocolate

Publish Date: 06 Jul, 2022
World Chocolate Day 2022: Types of Chocolates, Benefits, Countries that Make Best Chocolate
World Chocolate Day 2022: If you are a chocolate lover and love to savour the scrumptious chocolate desserts and World Chocolate day is your day! Every year, on 7 July World Chocolate Day is celebrated by all tasting wonderful chocolate recipes. 

World Chocolate Day: History

World Chocolate Day, which was created in 2009, commemorates the alleged date in 1550 when this famous confection first arrived in Europe. On this day, candy shops and local vendors all over the world put their most popular goods on sale so that everyone—young and old—can indulge in a mouthful of the delicacy.

World Chocolate Day 2022: Types Of Chocolate

Milk Chocolate: Milk chocolate, which is creamy and sweet, has a minimum of 10% chocolate liquor and 12% milk, which gives it both its name and its melt-in-your-mouth quality. Because it has more sugar and dairy than dark chocolate, it is often sweeter and less bitter.
Dark Chocolate: Any dark chocolate that is between 65 and 70 percent will be mildly creamy and bitter, while anything that is 80 percent or higher would be too brittle and bitter to savour.
Unsweetened Chocolate: Bakers' chocolate, often known as unsweetened chocolate, is essentially just cocoa butter and solid cocoa, free of any dairy or sugar.
White Chocolate: White chocolate is generally not considered chocolate. But it contains plenty of cocoa butter—at least 20 percent, according to the FDA. 
Caramelized White Chocolate: Caramelized white chocolate, sometimes referred to as toasted white chocolate or blond chocolate, is simply white chocolate that has been roasted till it turns sweet. The outcome is creamy white chocolate with a flavour akin to caramel that is less sweet than typical white chocolate.
Ruby Chocolate: It was only created in 2017 by the cocoa business Barry Callebaut, and it is a highly popular millennial pink. Surprisingly, the "ruby cocoa beans" used to manufacture it are what give it its natural colour. The flavour is similar to berries in chocolate form—slightly sour and sweet.
Raw Chocolate: Unroasted cocoa beans are used to make raw chocolate, which the maker claims maintains the minerals and antioxidants.

World Chocolate Day 2022: Benefits of Eating Chocolates

  • Powerful source of antioxidants

  • May improve blood flow and lower blood pressure.

  • Raises HDL and protects LDL from oxidation

  • May reduce heart disease risk

  • May protect your skin from the sun

  • It can relieve inflammation in the body

  • It can improve your mood


World Chocolate Day 2022: Countries That Make Best Chocolate

Belgium: There are more than 2,000 chocolate shops in Belgium.  Belgian chocolate is distinct because it is only cooled at the end of manufacture, allowing it to retain more of its scent. The majority of Belgian chocolate is likewise made by hand.
Switzerland: You've undoubtedly eaten Swiss chocolate even if you've never travelled to Switzerland. The most widely used brand of Swiss chocolate is called Lindt, and it is available everywhere. The creation of Swiss chocolate is particularly intriguing since, despite the country's unfavourable climate for cultivating cacao plants, it was nonetheless possible to make chocolate there. The average Swiss consumes more than 10 kilogrammes of chocolate year, making them the country with the highest per capita chocolate consumption.
Ecuador: The best cocoa beans in the world are grown in Ecuador. Only about 5% of cacao in the world is classified as "Fine Aroma," while Ecuador accounts for about 63 percent of global production. Ecuador used to concentrate its efforts on exporting its cacao, but in recent years it has started making its own chocolate. In recent years, one company, Paraci, has triumphed over conventional European chocolate producers by winning dozens of international accolades.
United Kingdom: In the 1850s, the Cadbury brothers provided Queen Victoria with chocolate. In 1905, they created the well-known Dairy Milk chocolate, which was distinguished by its increased milk content. 

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