World Consumer Rights Day 2023: Theme, Significance and Consumer Protection Law in India

Publish Date: 15 Mar, 2023
World Consumer Rights Day 2023: Theme, Significance and Consumer Protection Law in India

World Consumer Rights Day 2023: On March 15, World Consumer Rights Day is observed throughout the world with the aim to bring about awareness of consumer rights and protection against exploitation. The day highlights that how consumers can protect themselves against unfair parcatices in the market and hoe to seek redressal of any grievance. 


World Consumer Rights Day 2023: Theme

The theme of World Consumer Rights Day 2023 is “Empowering consumers through clean energy transitions.”


World Consumer Rights Day 2023: Significance

Today is an undeniably significant day since the awareness surrounding consumer rights has risen a lot in recent times. It aids in educating us about our consumer rights and how to make use of them in daily life. On this day, individuals all across the world advocate for the fundamental rights of consumers, urging that these rights be upheld, protected, and shielded from unfair trade practises. 


World Consumer Rights Day 2023: Consumer Protection law in India

The expansion of businesses and the health of the economy depend heavily on consumers. In order to protect consumers' interests and regulate the quality of goods and services, consumer protection laws are primarily concerned with the former. The (Indian) Consumer Protection Act, 1986 was revised with a new, larger statute that went into effect in 2020 as well as new rules and regulations in light of the swift developments in industry and commerce around the world.


Laws Governing Consumer Rights Protection In India 

The Consumer Protection Act, 2019 (Consumer Protection Act) and the rules and regulations passed under it largely control the protection of consumer rights in India. Consumer Protection Act (E-Commerce), 2020, Consumer Protection Regulations (Mediation), 2020, Consumer Protection Laws (Consumer Dispute Resolution Commissions), 2020, and Consumer Protection (General) Acts, 2020 are only a few of the laws and regulations passed under the Consumer Protection Act. In addition to the Consumer Protection Act, there are other more laws and rules pertaining to the protection of consumer interests that have been passed, covering particular topics including food, drugs, and cosmetics. 





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