World Thalassemia Day 2022: History, Significance, Symptoms, and Theme of this year

Publish Date: 07 May, 2022
World Thalassemia Day 2022: History, Significance, Symptoms, and Theme of this year

Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder in which the body fails to create enough haemoglobin, resulting in the weakening and destruction of red blood cells. The International Thalassaemia Day is celebrated annually on May 8 devoted to raising awareness amongst the general public and decision-makers about thalassaemia, promoting and strengthening the lifelong and difficult struggle of patients against this severe blood disease, and commemorating all the people who are no longer with us, while renewing our promise to keep fighting until the final cure for thalassaemia is found.

World Thalassemia Day History

In 1994, for the first time, the idea of celebrating World Thalassemia Day was conceived. The day was established by Thalassemia International Federation. It was decided to observe this day in the memory of Jorge Anglejos, who served as the President and Founder of Thalassemia International Federation and all other Thalassemia patients.

Symptoms of Thalassemia 

Cold persists in Thalassemia, the body feels sick, feeling short of breath, weakness and pain persist in the body, teeth coming out, physical development according to age, body To be pale, remain sad. These are all symptoms of Thalassemia.

Thalassaemia can cause anaemia, leaving you fatigued. Mild Thalassaemia may not need treatment. More severe forms may require regular blood transfusions. People who suffer from this can take steps such as choosing a healthy diet and exercising regularly to cope with fatigue.

World Thalassemia Day Significance

The National Health Ministry of India website estimates that around 10,000 to 15,000 infants are born each year in India with Thalassemia Major. Globally, this number rises to around 300,000 to 500,000 children. About 67,000 patients suffer in India from beta Thalassemia.

The World Thalassemia Day event is significant in the sense that it aims to reduce the number of children born with thalassemia. Some people are silent carriers of thalassemia and both of them can pass down the disease to their children. So, proper screening is essential to detect carriers. The event educates the masses on these issues.

World Thalassemia Day 2022 Theme

The International Thalassaemia Day (ITD) 2022 theme is“Be Aware, Share, Care: Working with the global community as one to improve thalassaemia knowledge’’ It is an open call to action to all supporters to promote awareness about thalassaemia and its global impact and share essential information and knowledge to support the best possible health, social and other care of patients with this disease.

The theme seeks to inspire every individual to contribute, at the personal level, to the fight against thalassaemia and serves as a powerful reminder that everyone has a substantial role to play and a responsibility to act. 

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