World Thyroid Day 2022: Causes, Symptoms and How to control thyroid

Publish Date: 26 May, 2022 |

World Thyroid Day 2022: Thyroid is a of hormone in the human body that has a vital role in normal development and metabolic balance. It is responsible for your body weight and physical energy balance. In case of derangements of the thyroid, issues like hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and thyroiditis may occur. The common symptoms of thyroid are fatigue, hairfall, weight gain or weight loss, irregular mensuration etc.

Therefore, in order to spread awareness about this health issue, World Thyroid Day is observed globally on 25 May. This day was established by the European Thyroid Association and American Thyroid Association on May 25 in the year 2008. So, on World Thyroid Day 2022 lets see the major causes of the disease and its treatment suggested by experts.  

World Thyroid Day 2022: Causes of Thyroid disorders

A thyroid disorder may happen due to several reasons such as deficiency of iodine, inflammation of the thyroid gland, cancerous tumours, radiation therapy, thyroid surgery, genetic predisposition, and autoimmune diseases such as Graves' disease or Hashimoto's disease.


World Thyroid Day 2022: Food that helps control Thyroid Disorder


Banana is considered a superfood that comes with a number of nutrients like potassium, vitamin B and more. Consuming bananas at least once throughout the day can keep thyroid issues away. Also, this fruit is quite filling and can be consumed as a snack whenever you feel like having something.


Your gut health plays a good role in deciding how healthy your thyroid can be. Any imbalance in your gut health can impact thyroid hormone therefore have khichdi which works wonders to keep your gut health intact. 

Horse gram

Horse gram contains protein, iron, and zinc which are great for controlling the thyroid. It is commonly had in South India, Bihar, Chhattisgarh and other places of the country in form of rasam, dal and even soup.  


Soak saffron overnight and have it after waking up. Doing this will help you a lot of you are struggling with thyroid. It also provides relief if you are experiencing cramps due to menses or PMS. One of the best ways to have saffron is with milk where your body also gets calcium and protein.

Baked fish

In order to have a healthy thyroid one needs to have a source of good amino acid which is found in baked fish. However, try not to have it at night and rather in the day for maximum results.


World Thyroid Day 2022: Symptoms of Thyroid Disorder

  • Tiredness and fatigue

  • Weight Gain

  • Forgetfulness

  • Having irregular and  heavy menstrual cycle

  • dry and coarse hair, even hairfall

  • Hoarse voice.

  • Experiencing an intolerance to cold temperatures.


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