World Turtle Day 2023 Date: World Turtle Day is observed annually on May 23 by the nonprofit American Tortoise Rescue (ATR). The event highlights the importance of protecting turtles and tortoises as well as their increasingly dwindling habitats, and it aims to raise public awareness of this. These reptiles can survive and thrive in a number of various ecosystems all over the planet, making them essential parts of the Earth's natural system. I love Turtles is the World Turtle Day theme for this year. Therefore, it is urgent to protect turtles and tortoises since their habitats are disappearing and their future is in jeopardy.

World Turtle Day History

After ten years of unwavering effort, World Turtle Day was established in 2000. Marshall Thompson and Susan Tellem were the unwavering champions of this admirable cause. They often work to raise awareness of the condition of these creatures with shells by holding fundraising activities.
 The 23rd annual International World Turtle Day has arrived, providing numerous turtles and tortoises with refuge and salvation thanks to ATR's humanitarian efforts.

World Trutrle Day Theme 2023

The theme of World Turtle Day 2023 is “I Love Turtle”

World Turtle Day Significance

Their heartbreaking plight is exacerbated by street sellers who sell turtles, pet stores brimming with their attractiveness, and even the use of these charming creatures as rewards in funfair activities. However, there is some hope because of the awareness raised by World Turtle Day. Numerous rescue organisations and refuges have sprouted up, promising these beloved animals a better future.