Wrestlers Protest: Vijender Singh was also removed from the stage, the players said - keep us away from politics

Publish Date: 20 Jan, 2023 |

Vijender Singh, Congress Member and boxer, participated in the wrestlers' Friday Jantar Mantar protest. The Olympic medalist informed the reporters that his purpose for being there was to assist the athletic community. Early in the morning, Vijender Kumar was sitting on the dais in protest, but the players asked him to join the rest of the crowd. The wrestlers opposed giving the protest any political overtones.

Wrestlers don’t want any political agenda

Despite the fact that Indian wrestlers have made it plain that they won't let this demonstration turn into a place where any political party can bake bread, This is just the wrestlers' performance. Vijender Singh's admiration for Rahul Gandhi and disapproval of the Modi administration are well known on social media. Because the wrestlers did not want to give the incident a political spin, when Vijender sat in the protest area early in the morning, he too was invited to join the rest of the throng.

Vijender Singh comments on the protest

"I want those wrestlers to get justice," Vijender stated at the time. "There should be a thorough probe into the claims lodged by the wrestlers, and there should be a CBI inquiry against individuals implicated."


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