Yeddyurappa barely escaped loss; Helicopter landing difficult due to pile of garbage on helipad

Publish Date: 06 Mar, 2023 |

BS Yeddyurappa, a senior BJP leader and former chief minister of Karnataka, almost escaped death today. Yediyurappa was in a helicopter when it had problems landing at the helipad. In reality, the plastic bags and other trash scattered across the ground began to fly as the chopper was ready to land, making the landing challenging.

Pilot cancelled the landing

The landing was promptly abandoned by the pilot. The helicopter then rose again and remained in the air for some time. The officials quickly began cleaning the helipad during this time. The helicopter afterwards made a secure landing. The entire incident's video was also posted on Twitter by the news organisation ANI.

In this video, it is clear that as soon as the helicopter approaches the helipad, all of the trash starts to fly into the air, impairing the pilot's view. The helicopter is incredibly close to the plastic polythene. If the landing had gone forward in this scenario, a serious incident may have occurred. Because of the pilot's caution, the accident was avoided.


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