Yoga: 5 best and effective Yoga Asana and practice to grow hair. Learn how to do yoga for hair regrowth

Publish Date: 25 Jan, 2022 |

Yoga for Hair: Yoga can help you bring flexibility and boosts stamina, but it also improves hair growth and gives you ravishing, lustrous hair. Lets us check some asana and yoga practises that will help you grow your hair faster.



Keep your eyes closed and sit in a meditative posture.

Inhale deeply through your nose so it expands the chest.

Now exhale the breath with forceful contractions of the abdominal muscles. and relax.

Continue active and exhalation with  passive inhalation.Exhale fully with a long deep exhale.

Complete 30 rapid breaths, then take a deep breath and exhale slowly.


Improves Digestive issues

Improve blood circulation and metabolism  40 seconds



It is callled Shirshasana or headstand and it is known  as the in of the asanas. 


Sit on the mat and keep the knees folded as in the Vajrasana.

Now place your head on the ground and support it with your hands.

Interlock the fingers and give this support to your head.

Keep the elbows placed closest to your head.

Now straighten the legs and take the toes in the air and balance.


This asana helps in improving memory and concentration.

It also helps in conditions like fatigue, depression etc.

It improves the blood circulation and brings the blood flow towards the brain.

Standing Bent Pose:

It is called Uttanasana or Standing Bent Pose or also referred as Standing Forward Bend pose.


Stand straight and hold your hand up.

Now slowly start to bend forward while keeping your back straight.

Keep moving your body, bend forward and finally touch the ground.

If you can touch the ground easily, try to put your palms parallel to your feet.

Hold for ten seconds and relax.

Repeat for at least three times.


It helps the hair follicles to grow the hair longer.

It makes your hair grow strong.

It also improves the quality and the texture of hair.

It also improve body posture and alignments

This asana strengths calves and hamstrings


Rabbit pose or hare pose helps you relax and also aligns the upper body


Sit comfortably on our toes in Vajrasana.

Align the back with the neck and keep it straight.

Gradually raise your arms, while inhaling deep.

Now, exhale and bend your body forward.

Put the forehead and the arms on the floor in front of the knees.

Relax the body and slowly inhale and exhale.


It improves in digestion.

It alsi helps in the condition of diabetes.

Mindful Pose


Sit in a meditative pose.

Keep the back and neck straight and aligned.

Focus on your breath and let the mind relax



Increase concentration and memory.

It helps boost immunity.



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