Yoga Asanas For Flat Stomach | How To Get A Flat Stomach?- Watch Video

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Yoga Asanas For Flat Stomach:

Eating excessively and high-fat meals or sitting on the system for hours and not doing any physical activity. These are all the reasons for the accumulated fat on the stomach and sides. Due to this fat, even good clothes start looking ugly. In such a situation, many times people even advise you to exercise. Daily workout is very important for weight loss. Here we are going to tell you such yoga asanas, which not only reduce your weight and stomach, but also control other physical and mental problems. Here in this video Know about these yoga asanas.



This is such a yogasana which can be done by anyone from child to elder. It strengthens muscles, reduces body and abdominal fat. Keeps your abdominal muscles fit, in perfect shape, balances the body and stretches the length of the baby. It is very easy to do this. For this, stand straight on a clean flat place in such a way that both the heels touch each other. Now joining the fingers of both your hands together, join the palms together. After this, bring both of them together and take them above the head. Now lift the heels and stand on the toes. In the meantime try to stretch your body. Then open both the hands and bring them down. Repeat this process 10-12 times.



Vakrasana is very beneficial for reducing both the increased weight and the stomach. It makes your body flexible and strengthens the muscles. To do this, sit on a flat place and then spread your legs in front without giving any gap. After this, bend the left leg and bring it next to the knee of the right leg. After this, touch the left hand on the ground at a distance behind the back. Now try to touch the knee of the right foot while putting the hand from the left side of the right foot with the right hand. Hold this position for about 20 seconds, then repeat the same process from the other side.



Bhujangasana is also considered very beneficial for reducing the stomach. It tones the abdomen, and is beneficial for people suffering from back pain and cervical cancer. Apart from this, it is part of Surya Namaskar. To do this, first of all lie down on your stomach. Now bring your palm in line with the shoulder. Reduce the distance between both the legs and keep the legs straight. While inhaling, lift the front part of the body up to the navel. Keep in mind that there is not much strain on the waist. Maintain this position for some time. Then come back to the same position. Do this 4 to 5 times in the beginning. After that, gradually increase the sequence.



By doing Trikonasana, the fat below the waist is reduced. This posture is like a triangle. By doing this regularly, obesity is reduced, as well as energy and lungs are strengthened in the body. This trikonasana proves to be effective in back pain and sciatica disease.



This Parsvakonasana proves to be effective in reducing the fat of the hip and thigh. Along with reducing belly fat, this asana gives relief from constipation, acidity etc. By doing this regularly, the knees become strong and the digestive system remains healthy.


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