Yoga Poses To Calm Your Mind & Body

Publish Date: 14 Aug, 2022 |
These poses will help you calm your mind and body if the stresses in your life are becoming too much to bear. Learn Sukhasana, Shashankasana, and Shavasana from yoga therapist Priya Chaudhary

Sukhasana- It is one of the yoga poses that eases anxiety and helps to quiet the mind. It strengthens the spine and opens up the hip by doing this. It promotes a healthy spine and lessens physical and mental exhaustion as well.

Shashankasana- Shashankasana, commonly known as the rabbit or hare position, works to stretch the back muscles and relieve pressure on the spinal discs. Anxiety and rage are lessened by this method.

 Shavasana-Yoga Pose, Corpse Pose, or Shavasana The word "pose" is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Aasna’ and word "shava," which means "corpse,". This position resembles a dead body position. Despite appearing easy, this pose may be one of the hardest since it necessitates complete physical and mental relaxation. Usually, this pose is performed following a challenging yoga practise. It really promotes healing and relaxation. This approach is also appropriate if you need to quickly resume work after becoming very exhausted. 


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