Zika Virus Outbreak: Terror of Zika Virus continues in UP, CM Yogi to review the conditions today

Publish Date: 10 Nov, 2021 |

The frequency of Corona Cases and the strength of Corona Cases has reduced in India but it doesn’t seem that India is going to get rid of ‘Virus’ soon as now Zika Virus has started spreading and causing troubles. The death rate in Zika Virus is higher than it was during the Corona Virus. The Virus is spreading fast in many cities of India which is matter of concern.

Zika Virus is creating terror especially in Uttar Pradesh. In Kanpur, Kanauj, Mathura and other districts of UP, the Zika Cases are increasing rapidly.

105 cases of Zika Cases have been found in Kanpur till now and out of the 16 new cases found recently, 2 are pregnant women. In order to take the notice of situations due to Zika Virus, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is on Kanpur tour today. According to the reports, CM yogi will be holding meeting with the health officials of Kanpur at Kanpur Development Authority Auditorium where he will be reviewing the preparations to fight the Zika Virus. CM Yogi will also be visiting the areas affected by Zika Virus. Here, the Chief Minister will be meeting the families of people contracted with Zika Virus.

A senior official informed that movement to collect samples from most of the areas is being carried out on a large scale. He also informed that many people are infected with Zika Virus but they are not showing symptoms and hence, door to door survey is being carried out and samples are being collected. Directions are given to especially collect the samples of Pregnant women from the affected areas and radiology centres have been alerted as well.

What is Zika Virus?

Zika Virus is caused by the bite of mosquito of Aedes family. According to WHO, these mosquitoes bite only during the time of day only. It is also responsible for causing Dengue and Chikungunia. However, for most of the people contracting Zika Virus isn’t a serious problem but it can be dangerous for the foetus in pregnant lady’s womb.

Zika Virus was found for the first time in 2017. 3 cases were found in 2017 while 1 was found in 2018 in Gujarat. In 2017, 1 case was confirmed in Tamil Nadu. In 2018, cases of Zika Virus boosted in Madhya Pradesh and 130 people were found infected. In 2018 only, 159 cases of Zika Virus were confirmed in Rajasthan. In Kerala 64 cases of Zika Virus were exposed in 2021.During the same time, 1 case was found in Maharashtra and now its terror is being witnessed in Uttar Pradesh.



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