Zombie Virus became active, Scientist of Russia-France expressed concern

Publish Date: 30 Nov, 2022 |

A team of International Scientist has revived the world's oldest virus (Zombie Virus). This virus was found in the snow-frozen Siberia region of Russia for thousands of years. It is being told that this virus is about 50 thousand years old. According to the New York Post, French scientists fear another pandemic after reviving the "zombie virus". The New York Post cited a virus study, which says that survival of ancient unknown viruses would be far more catastrophic in terms of plant, animal or human diseases.

Virus was buried for 48,500 years

According to the report, the oldest virus called Pandoravirus Yedoma. Its age is being told more than 48,500 years. This virus also broke the record of the virus discovered by the same team in 2013. The age of this virus was said to be more than 30,000 years. The report states that due to the revival of this ancient virus, the situation will be very disastrous in terms of plant, animal or human diseases.

Researchers comments on virus

The researchers say that 'this part of the organic matter from the melting ice includes re-energized cellular microbes (prokaryotes, unicellular eukaryotes) as well as viruses that have been dormant for many years but may now be alive again'. However, the report further states that scientists may have revived some of the so-called 'zombie viruses' from the Siberian permafrost to test the awakened critters, which is yet to be confirmed.


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