Covid-19 Infection: How to protect children from corona infection?- Watch Video

Publish Date: 17 Jul, 2021 |

Corona's double mutant virus is now taking children in its grip. In such a situation, if this virus affects children, then it can cause a lot of trouble. Actually, small children are not able to tell any kind of problem. Therefore, to protect them from this infection, the immunity of children should be good.

If children are infected with coronavirus, then you cannot give them all kinds of medicines. Medicines like Remdesivir cannot be given to children. In such a situation, you can keep them safe only by taking precautions. In this video Let's know about how to keep children safe from corona.


Keep your children safe from coronavirus like this. 

1- It is most important that you keep the children wearing masks.

2- If you are going out somewhere, then tell the children also about social distancing.

3- Do not take the children out of the house at this time.

4- Teach children about washing hands frequently.

5- Consult a doctor to strengthen the immunity of children.

symptoms of coronavirus in children

1- The child has had a fever for more than 1-2 days. 

2- If there is a red rash on the body and feet of the child.

3- If you start seeing the color of the child's face blue.

4- The child has a problem of vomiting and diarrhea.

5- If swelling starts in the hands and feet of the child.

6- diarrhea

7- vomiting and abdominal pain

8- dry cough

9- swelling of hands and feet

10- muscle pain

11- skin rash

12- irritable child

Pay attention to children's diet too

To reduce the risk of corona infection in children, give them warm water to drink daily as well as give them turmeric milk before sleeping at night, as it helps in fighting the viral infection. Ask them to consume citrus fruits, it strengthens immunity. Also feed them green and fresh vegetables as much as possible.


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