Summer Juices to keep you cool and Improve you Immunity at home- Watch Video

Publish Date: 30 Apr, 2021

Summer Juices to improve Immunity and keep you cool: With increased Coron Cases it most important to stay home and stay safe. While staying safe is important, staying healthy is equally important both mentally and physically. Especially with the changing season and temperatures rising it gets more and more difficult to want to eat anything. So here are few expert Summer Juice Recipes that you can try and home to not only cool you down but also improve your immunity and build your strength. Involves your kids in making these simple home juices and turn it into a fun family activity to keep you mentally and physically happy and healthy.


Tasty Home Made Lemonade with ginger and mint (neembu paani with adrak) 

Take one inch of ginger along with 1 lemon juice, few sprigs of mint and crush them all together. You can also add honey to sweeten your lemonade. Ginger has many immunity boosting benefits.

Tomato Juice for summer cooling and 

Tomato juice is full of Vitamin C and Folic acid that helps keep infections away. Its easy to make tomato juice at home, just blend two table spoons of tomato paste in two glasses of water along with pinch of salt, shugar and one lemon jucice. Make this refreshing and cooling tomato juice and enjoy tomato juice health benefits at home.
For most such summer juices like cucumber juice and others, watch the complete video. Stay safe and stay health.  

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