Culture, Organic food, Adventure sports और Driving का Thrill | Volkswagen Virtus | Rishikesh

Sumit KumarPublish Date: 05 Apr, 2023
The yoga capital of the world - Rishikesh सिर्फ Yoga के लिए ही famous नहीं है, यहाँ का rich culture, delicious, healthy and organic food और Adventure sports किसी को भी दे सकता है एक thrilling experience और goosebumps! और उसी experience को chase karne हमारे Auto Journalist Nand Kumar Nair पहुंचे this holy city with a hope, a hope to conquer his fear and also to feel the adrenaline rush. और साथ में है उनके The New Volkswagen Virtus, a new age sedan that is crafted for the ones who chase a thrilling experience on any kind of road.

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