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Doctors health experts Videos: In this section of Jagran TV we conduct exclusive interviews with leading doctors and health experts in the field of medicine. Be it about diabetes, BP, dental care, serious health issues like heart attacks, pulmonary diseases, hypertension and much more. We interview the leading doctors from top hospitals for each of these health related subjects. These doctors explain in detail about the health issues, early detection, common symptom, cure and remedies. Be it heart attack symptoms, diets for diabetics, blood pressure by age, panic attacks, UTI or taking care of a baby. We talk to various experts such as eye specialist, ent doctor to leading heart surgeons in India that explain the best new technologies used in todays modern experts. We also talk to the best dieticians to help to find the foods for lowering blood pressure, or diets for diabetics and much more. So watch this space and know all the best doctors advice from the best doctors in India.
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