Election 2022: Gujarat Elections 2022, Himachal Pradesh Elections 2022 Elections Updates

Election 2022: In democratic India, every year elections are held be it the lok sabha elections, vidhan sabha elections or MCD elections. Election and Politics is a part and parcel of our life no matter how much we say that we don’t follow politics. Who is elections, who said what, who will win elections, who is likely to win UP elections, will BJP make way in Punjab elections or will congress retain its power. Will Aap party be a game changer in Punjab elections 2022, and will Owasi make a dent in UP Elections 2022. We cover all election news, live coverage, elections dates, candidate list, winners. Along with election news we also have detailed coverage of Bihar Panchayat Elections. Election News and Politics news is something that non of us can escape and it is very important to know who you are electing, what do the candidates stand for and most important is to go and vote. However, before you go and cast your vote know all party details, know the party manifesto or the party promises in elections. In JagranTV election section we bring you all details about elections. Be it West Bengal elections 2021, Tamil Nadu Elections, UP Panchayat elections, MCD elections in New Delhi or Assam elections. For each state we have in-dept election news coverage in both hindi and english. Under Bengal elections 2021 we are bring you all the important news such as when is west bengal elections, how many constituencies in Bengal, who is winning Bengal 2021 elections, BJP party manifesto for Bengal 2021, Mamta Bengerjee election performance and much more. Similarly we cover it all for tamil nadu elections 2021 also. Will BJP be able to make significant dent in Tamil Nadu. Will entry of Kamal Hassan and Owassi have impact, who is the winner of Tamil Nadu 2021 elections. We cover all this information. Do believe in all the rumor surrounding elections, we bring all fact based and researched election news
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