A hike in the price of LPG cylinders for both commercial & domestic noted, the prices have surged to Rs. 834.50/cylinder

Publish Date: 01 Jul, 2021 |

LPG Price Today:

Soon after the prices of petrol, diesel, and Amul milk, the prices of LPG cylinders have been increased by the oil companies for the general public. While this move will surely become a great peril for the common man amidst the situation of a pandemic, where almost every household is struggling to meet their daily ends. From today, a 14.2 kg LPG cylinder will be available for Rs. 834.50 which earlier was priced at Rs 809 in Delhi. 

LPG prices change on the 1st of every month:

It must be noted that the Government oil companies amend the prices of gas cylinders (LPG Price) on the first day of every month. While the prices of LPG Gas Cylinder remain unaltered for the month of May. However, in April, the price of LPG cylinders was reduced by Rs. 10, while the prices were increased in the months of February and March.

New rates of LPG Cylinders for different states:

  • An LPG cylinder 14.2 kg in Mumbai is currently priced at Rs 834.50, which earlier was Rs 809. 

  • The rate of LPG cylinders in Kolkata has increased from Rs. 835.50 to Rs. 861 per cylinder. 

  • Whereas, in Chennai, the standard 14.2 kg LPG cylinder will be priced at Rs 850.50 from today, which was Rs 825 till yesterday. 

  • LPG cylinder in Lucknow, and Uttar Pradesh, you will have to pay Rs 872.50. 

  • In Ahmedabad and Gujarat, the price of an LPG cylinder is Rs. 841.50.

It must be noted that in January 2021, the price of LPG cylinder in Delhi was Rs 694, which was increased to Rs 719 per cylinder in February. On February 15, the price was increased to Rs 769. After this, on February 25, the price of the LPG cylinder was reduced to Rs 794. In March, the price of the LPG cylinder was reduced to Rs 819. After the reduction of Rs 10 in early April, the price of domestic LPG in Delhi had gone up to Rs 809.


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