UP के Sitapur में शादी का पंडाल गिरा, ४ लोगों की मौत , बाकी लोग गंभीर

Publish Date: 29 May, 2021 |

UP Sitapur news:

At a wedding celebration in Uttar Pradesh, all the merriment turned into moments of grief recently. During some wedding processions at Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh, 4 people died while many got injured when due to strong winds and dust storm, the wedding gazebo displaced, and an iron pole came in contact with a high-tension electric wire.  

And as a result of which, the current passed through the electric pole and electrocuted the people present at the wedding processions. 

It must be noted that, soon after the incident, a situation of chaos occurred at the place, and police also reached the place of the incident soon.

The people who came in contact with the electric shock were anyhow saved and sent to the hospital soon. Currently, 4 people have lost their lives at the incident and the other injured people are in a severe condition. 


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