COVID-19 News: Auto Driver Javed Khan of Bhopal is offering free Oxygen Cylinder in his auto Ambulance

Publish Date: 30 Apr, 2021 |
COVID-19 News Bhopal: Coronavirus in India is growing steadily. On one hand, cases are increasing every day while on the other healthcare system is facing a shortage of oxygen, medicines and other required things. Seeing the lack of ambulances in Hospitals due to increasing cases, Bhopal's auto driver Javed Khan has installed Oxygen Cylinder in his auto and is giving free services to patients driving them from home to hospital.
Javed Khan, an auto driver, said that he had arranged a cylinder by selling the gold locket of his wife and for humanity, he wanted to give his contribution. With the money from gold, he purchased the cylinders and other essential things for his auto to turn into an ambulance. Significantly, till now he has helped 9 serious patients to reach the hospitals and is working continuously from 10-15 day to help people reach hospitals free of cost.   

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