Bigg Boss 14 Latest Update: Vikas Gupta Out From The BB 14 House, For The Second Time.

Publish Date: 13 Jan, 2021 |

Bigg Boss 14 Latest Update: Mastermind and Challenger of Bigg Boss 14, Vikas Gupta has walked out from Bigg Boss house due to health issues. As per the 24*7 live feeds of Bigg Boss 14 and the latest tweet by ‘The Khabri’ Vikas Gupta has left the show due to throat infection. 


With all the upcoming drama and recent nominations, News of Vikas leaving Bigg Boss house is a bit shocking for his fans and supporters. Vikas was seen unwell and less active in the show for the past few weeks. During the family week, he broke down into tears on the fact that no one from his family will visit him. When his friend Rashmi Desai came to meet him, she lashed out at other contestants for bullying him and discussing his personal life on the show. 

Although Vikas Gupta had previously left the show after his fight with Arshi Khan and he was suspended for breaking the rules of Bigg Boss house, he got his entry back in the show. In the last few weeks, other contestants have blamed him for playing the victim card and always being and alone in the house.

In the last nomination episode of Monday, there was a rift between Vikas and Rubina on whom to save and whom they should nominate between Aly and Rahul. Vikas also selected Arshi for the bed of thrones task and accused her of not valuing her true friends.

Bigg Boss 14 Special Nomination Episode Review-

However, Monday's special episode with Bigg Boss host Salman Khan was full of entertainment and laughter. Salman Khan took the opportunity to pull a leg of Ejaz by mentioning his love interest Punia. He also played the recent Yashraj Mukhate’s video on Rakhi Sawant, which ticked the happy muscles of all the contestants.  The Sultani Akhada was also opened where Rubina and Arshi had a one to one words fight and faceoff which was won by Arshi Khan.

Along with all the laughs and entertainment, the nomination special episode also witnessed some high voltage drama when Sonali Phogat condemned Rakshi Sawant on being unfaithful and not true to her words of giving her the immunity. Previously in the episode, Rakshi saved Abhinav from the upcoming nomination. Sonali also had a brawl with Nikki Tamboli on keeping her used plate alongside her bed. 

Adding to the drama, Aly targeted Rakshi during the Bed of Thrones task and accused on wishing for the separation of him and his love Jasmine. For the upcoming week, Rubina Dilaik, Sonali Phogat, Rahul Vaid and Nikki Tamboli have been nominated by the other contestants.

The Nomination Special with Salman Khan was an entertainment-packed episode and glued audiences to their screens. Now with the sudden leaving of Vikas Gupta, viewers will be a bit disappointed. Though it will be interesting to watch what will come next in this week and what effect Vikas's absence will create. Will there be an easy battle or Bigg Boss 14 will witness yet another suspense and drama. 



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