Bigg Boss 14 Nomination Task: Salman gives Special nomination Task to participants, Clash between Vikas- Rubina

Publish Date: 11 Jan, 2021 |

Bigg Boss 14 Nomination Task: Bigg Boss 14 Host Salman Khan will give a nomination task to housemates of Bigg Boss 14 on Monday. The episode will be interesting to watch as Khan has never been on Monday’s episode since he always comes on weekend episode ‘Weekend ka Var’. 

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In the upcoming episode, Salman Khan will give a special nomination task and will ask all the participants to nominate the other participant in front of him. The participants will be seen in pairs and will decide whom they should nominate for the upcoming week. 

The task will start with Rubina and Vikas. Salman shows them two photographs and asks them to vote for whom they want to save and for the one they want to nominate for the week’s eliminations. 

Salman Khan shows pictures of Rahul and Aly to Rubina and Vikaswhile asking them their vote for saving and nominating between the two. However, Vikas and Rubina contradict each other’s selections.

On one hand, Rubina Favours Ali and asks Vikas to nominate Rahul by saying, “Rahul Vaidya, unhe ek second chance mila tha jiska mujhe lag rha he unhone purn roop se fayeda nahi utha rhe he. Aly jesa tha wesa hi wapas aaya he”. ( Rahul Vaidya got his second chance but I think he is not using this opportunity to fullest. Whereas Ali came back the same as he was.) 

Countering Rubina’s selections as personal reasons to choose Aly, Vikas mentions both Aly and Rahul extremely good for the Bigg Boss house but he favours to keep Rahul saying, “woh apna paksh completely rakhte hai ghar me. Bohot involved he me unko kyu bolunga?” (He puts his points and opinions and is always involved in the house. Why would I ask him?)

Rubina also disagrees with him, referring to his selection of Rahul Vaidya for personal reasons too as he wants to strengthen his relations with Rahul Vaidya. 

With this Monday's special episode it will be interesting to watch the nominations for the week. Will the housemates agrees on the same selections or the brawl will take an ugly turn. 



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