Bigg Boss 14 Promo: 22 Jan| Sonali wastes food, Rubina, Arshi and Nikki berates her.

Publish Date: 22 Jan, 2021 |

Bigg Boss 14 Promo: 22 Jan| Bigg Boss 14 contestants were enjoying their food and different dishes during the season. But their taste buds got shocked when Bigg Boss confiscated their groceries. During the Locked-down task also they learned the value of food and are doing their best to save it and use it accordingly. 

In a recent promo for 22nd January’s episode, Sonali will make a big paratha while Arshi will comment on her for using extra rashion. After her comments Sonali will throw the Paratha into the dustbin, making Arshi, Rubina and Nikki furious. They lash out on her for disrespecting food and wasting it. They ask her to keep her VIP treatment aside as they all are working hard to earn rashion and there is no good reason to waste the food. 

Sonali gets emotional and bursts out in tears. She asks Bigg Boss to let her go out of the house as she can’t endure so much humiliation and bad words for just small things like food. 

Will she leave the house or there will be yet another twist. Watch the latest episode tonight and watch this space for more updates.



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