Bigg Boss Latest Updates In new Captaincy task Vikas Gupta hid the Camera. Watch Video

Publish Date: 13 Jan, 2021 |

Bigg Boss 14 Promo: Bigg Boss 14 is always up with new tasks and suspense to entertain the audience. With the starting of the 15th week, the show is already witnessing some major tiffs and Tickles. After the Special nomination task, Contestants will be given another task for next week captaincy. 

Bigg Boss 14 Latest Promo

According to the recent Promo of the show, Participants are given a task to click their best picture as the next task for captaincy. Twisting the scene, Vikas Gupta is seen hiding the camera under a couch. After seeing the camera missing, all the housemates are worried and they rarely look for the camera to complete the task. 

In the hurry, Participants will be checking all the cabinets and suitcases of their candidate to find the camera. Aly is seen forcefully stopping fellow candidates to enter the room in search for the camera. On the other hand, Eijaz informs them that the camera is in the house. Arshi badly accuses the thief and says whoever has stolen the camera has no guts. 

However, as per recent updates, Vikas Gupta has quit the show due to health problems. Now it will be interesting to see who will find the camera and which contestants will compete for the captaincy. Currently, Rakhi Sawant is the Captain of the house and has already been questioned for her captaincy. Participants are seen having difficulty with Rakhi upon performing tasks given to her. 


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