Bigg Boss 14 Promo: Will Jasmin Basin and Aly Goni Part their ways? – Watch Video

Publish Date: 09 Jan, 2021 |

Big Boss Season 14 is witnessing a highly emotional week as participants are given Talktime to meet their parents. Participants are waiting to meet their close once with a heavy and emotional heart. After Nikki Tamboli, Abhinav Shukla, Aly Goni, other participants are eagerly waiting to meet their loved ones. 

After Friday’s episode, various emotional promos are up on the official site giving a sneak peek to the upcoming episode. After an emotional preview of Rakhi Sawant meeting her Mother through a Video call, another preview has been uploaded where Jasmin Basin will be meeting her mother and father at Bigg Boss House. 

In the preview, Jasmin is seen all emotional seeing her parents walking through the gate to meet her. Aly is seen emotional and quotes a funny comment saying, “ Bhai kahi mujhe pakdne to nahi aaye?” (Are her parents here to catch me?) where his words bring a smile on Jasmin’s and other house member’s faces.

Jasmin rushes to meet her parents and tries to kiss her mom from the glass panel and cries before her father while being emotional after seeing them. 

Jasmin’s father says, “ Sentiments emotions  me nahi behena he thik he?”(Don’t move with sentiments and emotions understand?) followed by her mother who says, “ solo game pr dhyan do”. (Focus on your solo game). After that, her father strictly quoted her, “me bar bar bol rha hu meri baat ko mtlb ko samajh jana. Samajh gyi?” (I am telling you again and again to understand what I am telling you. ok?) 

On these lines, Jasmin and especially Aly are seen stumped. 

Jasmine replies to her parents that “par ab meri Aly Siddharth se dosti he to usk karan sath me hum dono ka bond ban jata he, naturally kyuki wo mere liye sochta he me uske liye sochti hu.” (Me Ali and Sidhhart are friends and being in the house it’s natural. Because I know him and he cares for me and so do I).  On which her father replies, “yahi to baat henna, uske wajah se kya hota he tujhpr farak.” in between her mother interrupts that “teri personality frk pad rhi he.” (This is the thing because of him your personality is affected.)

Jasmine assures her parents and says “usk wjh se koi nuksaan nahi hoga wo to humesha phle mujhe rakhta he.” (There will be no harm from his side, he always put me first.) on which her parents strongly disagree.

Later in the clip, Aly is seen talking to Jasmine about her parents said and tell jasmine that “agar mere sth dene se unko kch khrb ho rha he to mujhe nahi rehna sath.” (If they think because of me being with you is affecting your game then i don’t want to be together) on which emotional Jasmine says “ no unka wo matlab nahi tha” (no they didn’t mean that) and cries. 


This family week has brought a lot of emotions and sentiments in the lives of the contestants. Maybe this week will make participants stronger or there will be another twist in the show. 

In Friday’s episode, Rakhi and Sonali Phogat are up to fight for captaincy and everyone is eager to know who will be the captain and who will be eliminated from this season. 



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