Bihar Lockdown 3: Lockdown extended till 1 June in Bihar, here are the complete guidelines

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Bihar Lockdown- 3 Extension: The period of lockdown in Bihar has been extended till June 1 to stop the pace of CoronaVirus Infection. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has given this information on Twitter. A meeting was held with the Disaster Management Group and the provisions and other guidelines were decided. In this meeting chaired by the Chief Secretary, the guidelines of lockdown-3 were decided.


Chief Minister tweeted information about increasing lockdown

After the meeting of the disaster management group, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar tweeted that ‘In view of the Corona infection, the lockdown imposed for three weeks from May 5, 2021 was again reviewed with the associate ministers and officials. In view of the better results of the lockdown and the reduction of corona infection, it has been decided to continue it in Bihar beyond May 25 and for a week i.e. until June 1, 2021.’


Decision was taken today in the meeting of Disaster Management Group


On Monday, the meeting of the Disaster Management Group, chaired by Chief Secretary Tripurari Sharan, discussed the situation of health, disaster management, education, labour resources as well as top officials of police and other departments, Corona. The final decision was taken at Lockdown-3 in this meeting. Earlier on Sunday, the Chief Secretary held discussions with Home, Health and Police officials regarding the situation in Corona and the lockdown. Many departments opted to keep the lockdown in force. Many officials advised extending the lockdown by June 5. The District Magistrates also gave their opinion in favour of extending the lockdown. After taking everyone's opinion, a meeting of the Disaster Management Group was called on Monday, in which it was decided to extend the lockdown by a week.


The lockdown period extended till June 1


It may be noted that between April and May, cases of coronavirus infection increased significantly in the state. In view of this, the lockdown was implemented from May 5 till May 15 after the instructions of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and the meeting of the Disaster. Infection cases decreased after lockdown.

Considering the decreasing cases, it was agreed to extend the lockdown period on 13 May for the second time. Thereafter Lockdown-2 was implemented from 16 May. The new cases of corona in the lockdown have decreased significantly. To fully overcome the corona it is necessary to extend the lockdown period for a few days more. In view of this, the lockdown was extended till June 1 today.


Now waiting for the new guidelines for lockdown


After the announcement of extension in lockdown, its new provisions are now awaited. It is believed that some relaxation will be made in this and some provisions will also be made stringent. It will also be announced soon. Let's look at the possible guidelines.


Some relaxation can be given in wedding ceremony

It is believed that some of the currently applicable Lockdown-2 rules will be relaxed in Lockdown-3. Right now 20 people have been allowed to attend the wedding ceremony, which can be increased to 50 like Lockdown-1. Yes, the ban on DJs can continue with the discount of up to 10 pm in the night curfew for the wedding. The rule of 20 people to be included in the final ceremony can be continued.


Public vehicles will run with half capacity


There is no hope of any change in the rules regarding public transport. Following the Corona Guidelines, they are expected to continue running with 50 per cent capacity.


Possible  changes in store opening times

There may be some changes in the time of opening of stores. At present, shops of vegetables, meat and fish and other essential commodities are opening in the urban area till 10 in the morning. Whereas, shops in rural areas are open from 8 am to 12 noon. The provision for drug and milk shops to remain open will continue. Also, it will be allowed to sell fruits and vegetables on the cart. In Lockdown-3, the opening of shops in urban areas can be relaxed a bit. It is possible that the provisions in rural areas may also be tightened.

No permission to eat in the hotel

The permission to eat at restaurants and hotels or at the food shop is restricted at the moment. The permission to take food home will continue till nine o'clock at night.


Some relaxation can be given in the night curfew

At present, the duration of the night curfew from 6 pm to 6 am can be reduced. It is possible that this should be done from 9 o'clock in the night to six o'clock in the morning.


A containment zone will be formed if more patients are found


The administration will be monitoring how many Corona patients are there in the locality or area. In case of more cases, a particular area will be made a containment zone.


These earlier guidelines will also be applicable

- Construction work is expected to continue in the industrial establishment.

- All activities related to e-commerce will continue as before.

- All the institutions related to the health sector will remain open, all activities will continue.

- Agriculture and all works related to it will continue.

DM-SP will strictly follow the guidelines


Under the provisions of the lockdown, as before, all DMs and SPs will be directed to strictly follow the guidelines issued to avoid coronavirus.


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