Board Exams 2021: Follow these tips to write perfect answers in the exam paper during the upcoming board exams season

Publish Date: 06 Apr, 2021 |

Board Exams 2021:

Irrespective of the long hours students spend preparing for their board exams if they are not able to perform well on the day of the exam, the whole concept of preparing for the exams beforehand goes into total vain. However, that intense situation of sitting inside the examination hall often gives chills to most of the students, and at times, leads to slip off of the important syllabus and answers. But, to overcome that situation, presented here are some tips on “how to write perfect answers during Board Exams 2021”, which may prove to be of some help. 


1. The first and the foremost activity which should be done by any students during the exam is to mark the answers as per his/her priority. The moment students receive the question paper, they must mark the questions as per their priority, and should always attempt those questions first, about which they are confident enough.


2. Students must always refrain from writing long paraphs in the answer sheets. Writing unnecessarily long answers covering topics of which the question doesn’t even talk about is a big no-no. Students must write answers to the point, up to which they are asked in the question. The myth of writing long answers to gain more marks, still prevalent among students must be busted. 


3. Students must choose wisely between the internal choice provided among the questions and should choose to attempt the questions which they are confident enough about. 


4. Students must always attempt all the questions from the question paper. Even if they are not sure about any questions’ answer they must write the answer as per their guess but leaving an answer unattempted will always contribute to the loss of marks.


5. It isn’t necessary that the student must recognise the and now the answer to every question, hence, in that case, students must not panic and focus on attempting what they know and eventually must perform well at that. But panicking about what they are unknown to will only increase the stress during exams.  


Following these simple steps during the Board Exams 2021 will surely boost the confidence of students, will help them concentrate more on writing perfect answers to the questions and of course, will gain them more marks during the Board Exams 2021.



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