Boards Exam 2021: Advantages of Following Word Limit while writing answers during Board Exams

Publish Date: 22 Feb, 2021 |

Boards Exam 2021: Since the board examinations are closer than they appear, students have already geared up with their exam preparations. But only, mere knowledge of the subjects being covered in the syllabus isn’t advantageous unless you do not know how to write answers in the examinations. Students tend to write huge paragraphs for the topics carrying fewer marks or where the objective and to the point approach must be followed. However, while considering the answers which follow a subjective approach and usually carry more marks are answered very briefly. So, following a prescribed word limit is very necessary while writing answers of a certain type which students usually ignore. But in this article further, you will be informed about the Importance of following a certain word limit while writing answers for the Board Examinations 2021.


The perks of following a proper word limit, especially in Board Exams are unending. Students usually have a myth that writing long answers everywhere will earn them good marks. While the case with this is totally different because the examiners expect students to write crisp answers covering all the necessary content. But adding unnecessary lines which nowhere relate to your answer will surely irritate the examiner and that’s where the chances of your marks going down increase. 

It is always advised to write answers to the required extent only, but if you are already done with your word limit and want to add 2-3 lines more, you can surely can. Every answer script must include those important keywords which every teacher look for before giving marks for any particular answer. Moreover, while writing answers students at times spend much time writing an answer subjectively that they are not left with much time to write other answers properly. So, considering sufficient time while writing answers is also necessary. 


As per the CBSE guidelines, any teacher is not directed to cut marks wherever the word limit is crossed. But make sure, to write your Board Exam answers in a concise, logical and organised manner.  


So, these were some of the Board Exam 2021 tips that students must follow in order to gain more scores in their upcoming Board Exams. 


Here’s to wishing all the students good luck for their upcoming Board Examinations 2021.



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