Chapare Virus: what is chapare virus- Watch Video

Publish Date: 20 Nov, 2020 |


Chapare Virus: The whole world is suffering from coronavirus. It has been a year since the coronavirus has arrived in the world, yet no effective treatment has been found so far. But in the meantime, the threat of another virus has started looming on the world. The name of this virus is being told as Chapare, which has started spreading in the Bolivian city named Cha-Pa-Re i.e. The Chapare. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention of America (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) ie CDC has also confirmed this. This virus is similar to Ebola Virus, but slightly different. Its symptoms are also almost the same. It spreads from humans to humans, due to which it is considered more dangerous. Experts believe that this virus can also prove to be very dangerous. And if its infection spread on a large scale, then it will be impossible to stop it like coronavirus. The chapare virus was found in 2004 in Bolivian province of Chapare. Although it disappeared in some time. But it surfaced again last year and its infection was found in 5 people. Chapare virus infection, like other diseases caused by the virus, there are some symptoms like fever, body aches, vomiting, blood mixed mucus, skin rashes. Not a single new case has come out this year so far. But This virus is deadly.



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