Coronavirus India Update: 85% Covid-19 patients recover without Remdesivir, says Dr Randeep Guleria

Publish Date: 22 Apr, 2021 |

Coronavirus India Update:

Since the Covid-19 cases are surging at a great pace, people in huge quantities are testing positive for the deadly virus. Here are the healthcare workers sharing from their experience some useful information about the second strain of the Coronavirus.

Dr Randeep Guleria from AIIMS states that 85% of Corona patients usually recover without the need for any specific medications such as Remdesivir, steroids, etc. The common symptoms such as common cold, body ache, sore throat or even gastritis can recover easily by just consuming Paracetamol, hydrating themselves properly, consuming vital vitamins, doing some regular exercises and staying positive about their health. 

However, the other 15% of the patients who are suffering from moderate disease require doses of Remdesivir, steroids, anti-coagulant and sometimes the conversive plasma. 

Dr Naresh Trehan from the Medanta Hospital states that Remdesivir is not meant to be given to every Covid-19 patient. Only the people, after analysing their test results, are suffering from high fever and cough which isn’t responding to other medications, or people suffering from kidney disease, people who are on chemotherapy, people who are highly diabetic, or people who have their BMI above 35 can be prescribed Remdesivir that too after analysing their condition in the first few days. Hence, before consuming any medicine, prescribing your physician is advised.  



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