CoronaVirus India update: Covid-19 virus in Maharashtra now out of control with 61,695 new cases, condition for Mumbai also worsens

Publish Date: 16 Apr, 2021 |

CoronaVirus India update:

The total cases of Corona Virus in Maharashtra are constantly increasing every day. And the situation is worsening every day, even after the state has entered into a mini-lockdown, which

is considerably much stricter than the previous lockdown. While talking about today, Maharashtra has witnessed around 61,695 new Covid-19 cases and 349 people have died due to the deadly Covid-19 virus. 

As of now, the count of active cases in Maharashtra is recorded at 6,20,007 active cases and Mumbai has solely reported for 8,270 new Corona Virus cases and 49 people have died due to the infectious Corona Virus.  

Recently, CM Udhav Thackery has announced a mini lockdown in the Maharashtra state which was effective from Wednesday night. Due to this lockdown, all the markets have been closed, and if someone wants to travel due to some emergency issues, they can do that, without requiring any pass. Provided, the reason for such travel must be valid. 


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