Covid-9 update: India getting help from various nations including Switzerland, Netherland, Poland, and Bangkok

Publish Date: 07 May, 2021 |

Covid-9 update:

Since the country is already fighting with the second wave of the Covid-19 virus, its fight has become even more difficult due to the deteriorating health infrastructure in India. While many nations have come forward to help India in its fight against the rapidly surging Covid-19 cases each day including the USA, UK, France, Brazil, and Germany. 

And now, coming forward to extend a helping hand to India, Switzerland, Poland, Bangkok, and Netherland have also stepped forward. 

Switzerland has sent to India, hundreds of Oxygen concentrators and 50 respirators to fight back the acute oxygen shortage in India which worth CHF 3 million (3.3 American Dollars). 

Poland has sent to India a consignment of 100 Oxygen concentrators and the India External Affairs SpokespersonArindan Bagchi has thanked the European Country, Poland for their support. 

Netherland has sent to India 449 ventilators, 100 oxygen concentrators, and other medical equipment. 

Other than this, the C-17 aircraft of the Indian army has airlift 4 cryogenic oxygen containers from Bangkok’s Panagar airbase. 

In order to help India fight during these difficult times, various nations have stood up and are doing their best to get India out of this second wave of coronavirus. 

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