Daily GK Quiz / Questions with Answers on Current Events based on 3rd May 2021

Publish Date: 03 May, 2021 |

Daily GK Quiz based on 3rd May 2021:

This article will walk you through the Daily General Knowledge facts as of 3rd May 2021. Presented here is your daily dose of Current Events and GK.

1. Who presided over the fourth Buddhist Council?

Vasumitra along with Asvaghosha presided over the fourth Buddhist Council which was convened in Kashmir.

2. What are the Wolf-Rayet stars?

Wolf- Rayet stars are highly luminous objects, a thousand times that of a sun. Previously, these stars were also known as  W-type stars. A rare supernova explosion to Wolf-Rayet stars was traced by the Indian astronomers.

3. Under which article of the Indian Constitution do the parliament members draw their authority on privileges?

Under Article 105 of the Indian Constitution, the parliament committees draw their authority on privileges. 

For more points and facts related to general knowledge and current events, watch the above video. We hope that these daily facts proved useful and were of great information to you. 


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