Dehradun: Cloudburst in Nainital caused blockage at the Nainital Almora highway, Kainchi Dham also affected

Publish Date: 13 May, 2021 |


After a cloud burst in Uttrakhand’s Devprayag, the various reports of landslides and rubble blocking the roads were being reported from Nainital, followed by a cloud burst and severe rainfall in the region. 

The incident took place near the Bhowali district of Nainital, and the worst affected regions include the National Highway connecting Nainital to Almora, Sai temple and, the Kainchi Dham shrine. 

However, due to the Covid curfew in the state, not many people were present at the place of the incident. 

Currently, the reports don’t state any injuries caused, and due to the heavy flow of rubble along with water, many roads were blocked for hours followed by the cloud burst. 


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