COVID-19 News Update: Delhi Police Raided Factory In Uttarakhand manufacturing fake Remdesivir

Publish Date: 30 Apr, 2021 |

COVID-19 News Update: Coronavirus in India is growing rapidly. Over 3.86 lakh cases were reported in the last 24 hours in the country. Every day the record of the previous day is being broken. During the last 24 hours, 3,501 people lost their lives due to the virus and the recovering rate is also declining day by day. 

 Meanwhile, the persistent lack of Remdesivir, a beneficial drug in the treatment of corona, is a growing serious concern. People are forced to pay four times the price for a bottle of medicine. And even more in the black markets.  

The Crime Branch of Delhi Police has arrested 5 people, including gang leader, by busting the gang making fake Remediesvir. The gang produces fake Remedesvir at illegal factories in Haridwar, Roorkee and Kotdwar in Uttarakhand. Police said that these people used to sell an injection for 25 thousand rupees. The accused told police interrogation that they had so far sold fake injections of more than two thousand Remedesvir to Corona patients.



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