Delhi Weather Today: बढ़ती गर्मी से टूटा दिल्ली में पिछले ९ साल का record, उत्तर भारत में भयंकर लू

Publish Date: 02 Jul, 2021 |

Delhi Weather Today:

The scorching summer heat and humid temperature in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi NCR, and the other northern plain regions of the country have now become a peril for the citizens. Delhi has broken the record of 9 years as according to the data of IMD, the maximum temperature recorded in Delhi on 1st July was 43.6 degrees Celsius. 

Apart from this, the whole of North India is in the grip of a heatwave as the region may experience loo for the next two days. 

The region of Delhi-NCR can expect the monsoon rains only after a week. The maximum temperature in Delhi on Thursday was measured at, 43.6 degrees which is 6 degrees hotter than the normal temperature. As per the data of the Indian Meteorological Department, such a thing has been experienced after 2012.

According to the Indian Meteorological Department, winds can blow at a speed of 50-60 kmph in the next 24 hours in some regions of the national capital Delhi and NCR, and there is also a possibility of light rain. While the temperature isn’t expected to go below 40 degrees anytime soon in Delhi.  


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