Delta 105: Know the story and concept behind this startup which is an army themed park

Publish Date: 19 Apr, 2021 |

Delta 105:

With this being the first Startup story by Jagran, the idea and cause behind the startup were supposed to be special. Hence, here we are with our first initiative where we share the story behind Delta 105 which was put up by Major Dinesh Sharma who has served the Indian Army as a part of the 6th Rajputana Rifles regiment.  

The idea and concept behind Delta 105:

Dinesh shares that, having being served the Indian Army previously, he wanted to give the civilians living in the cities the experience and the life which an army officer lives, in order to show them that what all difficulties does an army man have to experience every day. Hence, Delta 105 is a place in Manesar, Gurgaon where people can indulge themselves in basic army activities presented to them in a fun way. 

The name Delta 105 was put up for the organisation as, when Dinesh joined the army, his first company of the battalion was Delta. And the pin code of the landmark where the Delta 105 is situated end at 105. Hence, the name came up as Delta 105. 

What Delta 105 actually is?

Delta 105 is the set up of theme park that resembles a lot with an actual army camp, hence, it is an army theme park. The place introduces civilians to the army life, the difficulties soldiers face and what provokes them to take some extreme steps such as fighting opponents and even sacrificing their lives at times. 

While entering Delta 105, after having their breakfasts, people gather to a place where they are briefed about what actually they will get to experience the whole day. While the visitors get into some physical activities, they are instructed and guarded by some ex-army servants. 

Following this, there is an educational session where people are informed about different topics related to the army, such as how does a border actually look like, how to fold the national flag, how to dispose off the national flag, where shall the Indian flag be placed alongside the flags of other countries, etc. After this, civilians are shown the village of soldiers, the place where soldiers reside, how do they live in such extreme situations and what do the soldiers do to entertain themselves.

After this, there is a DJ session, where people can enjoy themselves. Post this, people have their evening beverages and then leave.


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