Election Results 2021: Vote counting begins in few hours in 4 states, 1 UT, and UP Panchayat

Publish Date: 02 May, 2021 |

Live Election Updates 2021: After what seemed like a never ending voting phases finally the historic Election of 2021 are coming to an end with Vote counting and result announcement starting at 8:00 am on 2nd May, 2021

This election has been historic in many way, in this election there were 8 phases and it took place in the middle of 2nd Wave of Corona Virus hitting India. Last year also elections took place in Bihar, however, this time by the time elections concluded in West Bengal, India has been hit by the 2nd wave of Corona pandemic and has been hit hard.  This election has seen it all, people leaving ruling parties just before election date announcing and joining the opposing party. Be it West Bengal or Punducherry, or Kerala. All of these states have seen sitting MLA's switching parties just before filing nominations. Of all the election result taking place right now, the most interesting is in West Bengal.


Who will win West Bengal:

Well wouldn't we all want to know Who will win West Bengal and most importantly who will win Nandgram the hot seat not only in West Bengal but we think across all the other election results. Follow our live coverage on West Bengal to checkout who wins West Bengal and Nandigram winner.


UP Panchayat Election Results

Along with assembly elections the largest population state of UP is also going to be announcing the UP Panchayat Results tomorrow. 75 Zila's / districts in UP, Block Pramuk and Gram Pradhan will be elected tomorrow. Look at our district wise UP Panchayat election results.



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