Farmers Protest Against Lockdown: Farmers to protest against lockdown on 8 May in Punjab

Publish Date: 06 May, 2021 |

Antagonizing the new laws for agriculture passed by the Modi government,  the 32 groups of farmers held a meeting on Wednesday and decided to oppose the lockdown imposed by the government. The groups have decided to protest against it by opening all the markets around the state of Punjab on May 8. As a protest, They have called upon traders and people to open daily markets and come to work like usual. The meeting was chaired by Baldev Singh Nihalgarh. The groups have said that the final decision on the protest will be taken at a united front during a possible meeting on May 7. 

‘The government wants to make people homeless under lockdown’

Talking to journalists after the meeting, leaders of various farmer groups, Balbir Singh Rajewal, Buta Singh Burjgil, Jagjit Singh Dallewal, Satnam Singh Ajnala, Harinder Singh Lakhowal etc. said that the central government has failed to fight against Corona. The government has failed to provide health facilities and basic amenities like oxygen, beds, medicines etc. to the citizens. Although the BJP government is blaming these protests for spreading the coronavirus, the agitators are taking necessary precautions here.

Governments are hiding their failures

Further, addressing the press conference they said that governments are putting a lockdown to hide their failures and their decision is against people. The government wants to ruin the common man in the name of lockdown. It is the decision of 32 Jatbandhis of Punjab that on May 8, a large number of farmers, labourers and shopkeepers in Punjab will come on the streets to oppose the lockdown.

After this, on 10 and 12 May, big groups from Punjab will leave to join the movement on the borders of Delhi. Jathedi leaders said they were always ready to talk to the government. They are also completely optimistic about this. The government should also stop maligning the agitators and come forward to negotiate with clear intentions.


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