Bihar Flood: बिहार के 11 जिलों में बाढ़ जैसे हालात, 24 घंटे रखी जा रही हे तटबंधों पर नजर।

Publish Date: 04 Jul, 2021 |

Bihar Floods: River Koshi has crossed the danger mark in Baltara, Khagaria on Sunday. The river is said to be flowing 46 cm above the danger mark in these places; the water level of Koshi has increased by 58 cm in the last 24 hours. Ganesh Prasad Singh, the Executive Engineer of Flood Control Division II, took stock of the site of BP Mandal Setu, Dumri in Koshi. After inspecting the rising water level, he shared that all the dam embankments are safe and the situation is under control. River Bagmati is also on surge near Khagaria.

River Bagmati water surged 

The river Bagmati is also one meter 18 cm above the danger mark near Santosh Sluis of Khagaria. In the last 24 hours, the water level in Bagmati has increased by 42 cm and it has been flowing above the danger mark near Santosh Sluis since July 2.

24-hour monitoring of dams and embankments

All the dams and embankments are being monitored round the clock in view of the rising water level. Geology officers including, Departmental including officers, engineers, junior engineers are constantly monitoring the river and nearby areas. 

Last Saturday evening MP Chaudhary Mehboob Ali Kaiser took stock of Longa and Birwas site of BN embankment and gave necessary instructions to other officials. On Sunday, July 4 also, he inspected the Telihar land of Telihar Zamindari Dam on Koshi and Barun site of Chodhli Zamindari Dam.

Let us tell you that the impact of floods is mostly seen in Khagaria district of Bihar. The reason behind this is the area's geographical location. This district is called Naihar of rivers and it is surrounded by seven rivers and 54 streams. Large rivers like Koshi, Kali Koshi, Kareh, Kamala, Bagmati, Ganga and Budhi Gandak pass through Khagaria.


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