Flood Update: UP, Bihar और West Bengal के कई जिलों में बाढ़ से तबाही, जानें पूरी खबर

Publish Date: 23 Jun, 2021 |

Flood Update:

The monsoon rainfall in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Bengal has caused great difficulties. The constant rainfall in Bihar has caused the levels of the rivers to rise. After the constant rainfall for 48 hours, the level of the Ganga river has started rising, which is likely to affect Patna and various other neighboring cities. The people living on the river banks have to leave their homes for a safer place. 

After the constant rainfall, the rivers in Uttar Pradesh are currently flowing above the danger level, and are likely to affect 16 cities of UP hugely. Considering this, CM Yogi Adityanath has deployed 42 teams to conduct rescue and search operations in the regions near the river banks. 

Considering the situation of West Bengal, the rainfall has already affected the state badly, as people are now forced to use boats to travel from one place to another, as wooden bridges in many regions of the state have submerged into the water. 

Moreover, the probability of a flood is constantly increasing in Uttarakhand and Nepal considering the constant rainfall in these regions.


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