Foods To Avoid In Winter: Avoid these food items in winter season- Watch Video

Publish Date: 25 Nov, 2020 |

Foods To Avoid In Winter: It is believed that the human immune system works best in winter. Despite this, people's health often gets worse rather than improving in this season. One reason for this is your diet as well. You will be surprised to know that it is good for you to avoid some things you eat with great fervor during the winter. Let's know about those things that can make you sick in winter. Most people drink less water during the winter season, due to which the body becomes dehydrated. In winter, people often consume alcohol to keep themselves warm. But it's intake dehydrates the body too much, which can be very dangerous for you. Avoid fried foods like fried potatoes, pakoras, rolls, paranthas in winters. Along with this, do not eat all the breads made from fine flour, pasta, maggi, bhatura and kulcha. Fried foods can increase your cough. Doctors also advise to avoid oily food in cough. You will feel heaviness by eating them. Avoid eating chips, french fries and junk food. Cold things can trigger a cold-cough problem. People suffering from cough are advised to avoid them till they fully recover. Actually, cold drinks and foods cause dryness. 








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