General knowledge Quiz: GK Quiz on Current Events of 17th January 2021 – Watch Video

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Where has vanadium been found in recent times by GSI in India?

Himachal Pradesh


Arunachal Pradesh



Choose the property corresponding to Vanadium from the following

i) Vanadium is a rare earth element that is used in making space shuttles

ii) It has a very low tensile strength

Only i

Only ii

Both i and ii

None of the above


Which place has recently reported wildfire in India?

Nubra Valley

Liddar Valley

Chenab Valley

Dzukou Valley


Choose the correct statement about Dzukou valley

i) It is located in Arunachal Pradesh in India and reported wildfire recently

ii) It is the house of Japfu mountains with Pulie Badze Wildlife Sanctuary near it

Only i

Only ii

Both i and ii



Which scheme has been recently launched that would contribute to Urban forests in India?

Urban Vegetation scheme 2020

Nagar Van scheme

Indian Forest Development 2020

None of the above 


India does not conduct a navy exercise with which of the following?







Which of the Indian maritime projects is implemented to counter China’s presence in the Indian Ocean?

Sagarmala project

Malabar exercise

String of pearls



Which of the US Presidents has been impeached twice in the history of the nation?

Bill Clinton

Donald Trump

John F Kennedy

None of the above 


Choose the correct statement regarding Gareeb Kalyan Rozgar Yojana

i) It was launched on June 20, 2020, by Prakash Javedkar

ii) It aims to provide employment to migrant workers 

Only i

Only ii

Both i and ii




 Recently a country has banned cotton and tomato product import from China's Xinjiang region?

a) USA

b) India

c) United Kingdon

d) Germany



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