General knowledge Quiz: GK Quiz on Current Events of 8th January 2021

Publish Date: 08 Jan, 2021 |

Among the following, who has cancelled their scheduled visit to India?

Xi Jinping

Boris Jhonson

Justin Trudeau

Joe Biden


Which University is developing wooden satellites recently?

Shanghai University

Oxford University

Kyoto University

Hokkaido University


Which of the following viruses is the cause of Avian Influenza?

H1N1 Virus

H5N1 Virus

Influenza Virus

H2N5 virus


Choose the correct statement out of the following regarding bird flu.

i) This is caused by Avian Influenza Type B virus

ii) The disease was first detected in geese in China 

Only i

Only ii

Both i and ii



A new and deadly ‘Disease X’ has been discovered in which country recently?




The Democratic Republic of Congo

Regarding the new KIAD railway station answer the correct statement out of the following

i) There are 5 train services that have begun on an immediate basis

ii) There are also bus and shuttle services that are available from the station to the airport

Only i

Only ii

Both i and ii

None of the above 


India’s first pollinator park has been opened in?




Valley of flowers



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