General knowledge Quiz January 2021 : GK Quiz on Current Events of 9th January 2021 – Watch Video

Publish Date: 09 Jan, 2021 |

Which institute has developed Banana Grit?

CSIR- National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology

IIT Kanpur

National Bureau of Research in India



With respect to Banana Grit choose the correct statement

i) The Banana grit can be made from any variety of bananas

ii) It is similar to 'rava' or wheat granules in texture

Where is North East’s specialised Ginger Processing Plant situated?






Where is Khazan system of farming practised in India?


Uttar Pradesh

Jammu and Kashmir



Choose the correct statement regarding Khazan Agriculture

i) The location of the farmlands is in Chorão, Goa’s estuarine islands on river Mandovi

ii) It is based on the regulation of salinity of water and tides

Only i

Only ii

Both i and ii

None of the above 


The Grammy awards are presented for?






The Grammys have been recently postponed. What is the date now the Awards will be presented?

March 10

March 14

February 12

February 29


Which state has recently launched Kisan Kalyan Mission in January?

Madhya Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh




World’s largest Floating Solar Mission would be on which river dams of the following?

Mississippi River Dam

Omkareshwar Dam on Narmada

Bhakra Nangal Dam on Satluj

Bharamaputra Dam


With respect to India’s relationship with the Arctic choose the correct statement

i) India began its involvement with the Arctic in 2007

ii) India under British rule had signed the Svalbard Treaty in 1920, which recognised Norway’s sovereignty over Spitsbergen



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