GK Quiz on Current Events: General knowledge Quiz for 7th January 2021

Publish Date: 07 Jan, 2021 |


India and ADB recently signed a deal for building a powerplant. With reference to this take a look at the statements listed below and pick the correct one

i) The coal power plant would be set up in Nagaland

ii) A 120 MegaWatt power plant is to be built to support the demands of Assam

Only i

Only ii

Both i and ii



Where will the 51st International Film Festival be held?






AstraZeneca Vaccine was recently rolled out. Choose the correct statement from the following

The first country to roll out the vaccine is India

India is conducting a direct run of this vaccine without any dry run

Brian Pinker, a British national is the first to receive the vaccine 

This vaccine is helpful against AIDS and Syphilis 


When is World Braille day observed?

January 2

January 1

January 3

January 4


What are Sea Wing Gliders?

The name of the US Navy’s submarine wing

It is an underwater drone used by China 

It is the Japanese tsunami helper squads name

It is a ship that was famous as a pirate ship in the 1800s


Choose the correct statement out of the following about sea wing gliders

i) China uses these gliders for naval attacks against its foes

ii) The gliders are unpowered with wings and are only suitable for short term missions of 2 days

Only i

Only ii

Both i and ii



With respect to the National Common Mobility Card answer the correct statement

i) National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) is also called as One Nation, One Card

ii) This card can only be used for transportation purposes in the state

Only i

Only ii

Both i and ii

None of the above 




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