GK Quiz on Current Events: General knowledge Quiz of 6th January 2021

Publish Date: 06 Jan, 2021 |

Which government has recently amended its national anthem to suit its indigenous people?




New Zealand


The central government has decided to extend the Disability Compensation to all the serving employees. Which of the conditions needs to be fulfilled to get it?

i) The compensation will be provided if the employee gets disabled in the line of duty while performing the service 

ii) The employee however need not be retained in service in spite of disablement to claim for compensation.

Only i

Only ii

Both i and ii

None of the above


With reference to the minimum qualifying service of the pension look below to find the wrong statement

The Ministry of Personnel has removed the minimum qualifying service of 10 years to receive a pension.

Even if the government employee is incapacitated because of the medical or bodily infirmity, he would receive a pension

None of the people who have retired from government service is applicable to this rule

All are true


Who has been awarded a knighthood in the UK New Years Honours list?

Lewis Hamilton  

Rupert Grint

Daniel Craig

Andy Murray


Where will the first-ever Lithium Refinery of India be set?






India’s first hot air balloon safari has been launched in which of the following tiger reserves?

Dudhwa Tiger Reserve 

Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve

Buxa Tiger Reserve

Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve



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