Here are some of the interesting facts around the world that will surely amaze you

Publish Date: 02 Jul, 2021 |

Interesting facts around the world:

The world is in itself a wonderful creation with the best environment for a human to reside in. While besides its beauty, this world is full of many interesting things and phenomena, which can amaze you to your nerves. 

So, going further with the article, let’s introduce you to some of those interesting facts.

  • Maharashtra’s bird Hariyal is one of a kind creature with wings, who doesn’t put its feet on the ground. The bird prefers to live in jungles with huge trees above the ground, and can usually be found having their nests on Sacred Fig trees (Peepal) and Banyan trees. These birds are usually found in groups.

  • Brazil has the world’s most fresh drinking water, which is approximately 8,233 kilometers cubed.

  • Namibia is a place in the world where the Atlantic ocean meets its west coast desert. Namibia desert is one of the oldest deserts in the world, as it is around 550 crore years old. The desert has one of the highest sand dunes in the world.

  •  The Umangot river of Meghalaya is one of the cleanest rivers in the world with its crystalline water. Located near the small town of Dawki, the place is considered one of the cleanliest towns in the area with a habitat of around 300 families. The tourists are charged up to Rs. 5000 for polluting the Umangot river. 

  • It is usually believed that the currency notes are made up of paper, however, very few people know that the currency noted which we use are made up of cotton. It is so because cotton is stronger than paper and doesn’t get ripped apart or tear easily.


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