Here are the Dos and Don'ts one must keep close while appearing for the UPSC Civil Service Interview

Publish Date: 22 May, 2021 |

Dos and Don'ts of UPSC CSE Interview:

One of the most prestigious Government sector jobs is of an IAS officer, which can only be secured by clearing the UPSC Civil Service Exam, which is also considered one of the toughest exams across the country. While presented below are the Dos and Donts which should be kept in mind while appearing for the UPSC CSE Interview:

Here are the Dos which are a person should follow for the UPSC CSE Interview:

  • Candidates must reach the interview center at least 30 mins or an hour before the prescribed time to avoid the last-minute hassle.

  • One must carry all the important documents (original and photocopy both) such as your mark sheet, testimonials, and certificates with them to the place of interview. 

  • Candidates must always keep calm while appearing for the interview and rather than focusing on the results of the interview, shall thoughtfully answer the questions they are being asked.

  • When in doubt about any question, learn to say no in various creative ways.  

Here are the Don’ts which are a person should avoid while appearing for the UPSC CSE Interview:

  • Candidates must not try to transform their personality and should present to the board members what they actually are.

  • Students rather than focusing on their personality traits such as Kindheartedness, Perception, Communication skills, Balance of Judgement, Perspective, etc. try to learn and improve their knowledge for the Interview test, which should be avoided.  

  • Candidates must always avoid bragging about their strengths and qualities.

  • Candidates must avoid falsity in front of the board members, and disclose what the actual facts are. 

  • Candidates must not criticize anyone or anything during their interview, rather should present their views in a different manner. 

  • Students must not keep a local mindset or shouldn’t think of the micro-level, rather they should always share things that work at the global or national level.

  • Candidates must not show that they are desperate to become an IAS officer and serve the nation. 

  • When asked about the question that why a candidate opted for UPSC Civil Services, then they should refrain from answering that they are here to “serve the nation”. 

  • Candidates must avoid Negative body language and should enter the interview hall with positivity. 



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